These appetizers can be used as pre-assessments or bell work in your class

Below each pre-assesment are samples and links with more possibilities for using the strategy

Search & Sign:

Give every student a paper on which you have created a list of questions, leaving room for answers, and have students walk around the room and find someone who can answer the question. The student who can answer the question will initial and fill in his/her answer to the corresponding question.

Plot Your Profile:

A great visual to assess your students’ multiple intelligence profiles

What are Multiple Intelligences Basic information about what MI is and its use in classroom.

MI Theory and Application This website was organized by Roger Hampton and has links for educators with lesson plans/tests in various subject areas.

Multiple Intelligences this is the Birmingham Grid and includes an online test.

Icebreakers Activites Ideas for ice breakers and first day activities so that you can get to know your students strengths
Excel MI Tests This site (scroll down the page) has MI test that can be downloaded. They are in an excel format and are sell adding and graphing. Kind of cool.

ABC Brainstorm:

Have your students write the letters of the alphabet and have them brainstorm a word that starts with each letter pertaining to the topic/unit

ABC explained

Post-It Graph:

This can be used as a pre-assessment or a formative assessment. Pass a post-it note to each student. Ask the student to evaluate how comfortable they are with a particular topic and place it on a pre-made graph. This gives you and your students a good visual of how comfortable the students are with the material


What I already KNOW, What I WANT to know, What I LEARNED
Instructional strategies online: What is KWL?