These desserts are extremely rich in student engagement and are a great closure at the end of a lesson or unit.

7 Words of Wisdom:

This is a great closure. Students must sum up what they learned in your class that day in 7 words.

R-A-F-T: (Role, Audience, Format, Topic)

This strategy can be used as bell work or a closure. Students will write according to the raft that you assign. For example, the role might be a triangle and the audience a circle, the format would be a love letter, and the topic would be discussing the various types of triangles.

Raft Website with discussion, uses and how to make with examples
Raft Examples This site has more examples of rafts in math history and special education
Raft Examples This site has examples for English, math, history and science


Using Bloom’s 6 taxonomic levels, create questions from each level over the assigned reading or topic you are covering. Make sure to number the questions. Students will then be split up into groups. Each student in the group will roll a die. The number the student rolls corresponds to the question he/she must answer within the group. If the same number is rolled, the student must come up with different answers or expound on a previous answer to the same question.

This one is really good and explains step by step how to set up your own cubes and has examples

Double duty! Got to love this one